frequently asked questions

What is Quebec Health Research?

Quebec Health Research is a website fully developed and supported by Nagano/SemiWeb that aims to list all clinical trials and/or other types of health research projects conducted in Quebec.

What is the objective of the Quebec Health Research?

The main objectives of this bilingual registry are to facilitate access to health research information for the Quebec population and facilitate patient recruitment and referrals to projects.

Where does the information in this registry come from?

There are two possible sources:

1. Nagano: Nearly all healthcare establishments in the Quebec Health and Social Services Network conducting research projects use a 100% Quebec-based integrated research project management platform called Nagano. Information about projects is entered into the Nagano platform by research personnel or the responsible researcher. It is from this platform that research project information is transferred in real time to the registry. *Note that private clinics do not have the Nagano platform.

2. The website: This American website (English only) is also a registry for clinical research projects conducted worldwide. The information is entered by clinical trial sponsors. If projects or information are not listed in Nagano, then information from this site will be used. Generally, information from is often delayed compared to Nagano.

Why might some projects not be in the list?

Projects are displayed in the list only from the moment the project evaluation begins in the institution conducting it. If the evaluation process has not started, it may not be listed.

In addition, participation in the registry by healthcare institutions and researchers conducting projects is voluntary. If a researcher or institution decides not to make information about one or more projects accessible, then those projects may not be listed. However, if a project exists on, information (in English only) may be included in the registry. Note that information from the Nagano platforms is transmitted in real time, while the information entered in is often several months behind reality as it is not regularly updated.

Click on the following link to obtain the list of participating institutions.

Note that the participation of an institution does not guarantee that all corresponding projects are listed. It is still possible that a researcher responsible for that institution decides not to make their project available.

Why is there no French (or English) content for some projects while for others the content can be viewed in both languages?

The information for projects sourced from Nagano may be available in French only, English only, or in both languages depending on what the research team responsible for the project entered into their Nagano platform.

Projects sourced from do not have French content because this website is only available in English.

Why is the healthcare institution near me not listed in the site selection list in the search engine?

Participation in the Quebec Clinical Trials registry is voluntary for healthcare institutions. If an institution chooses not to enable information sharing with the registry, it will never be listed in the research locations.

Click on the following link to obtain the list of participating institutions.

Why does the information present seem to vary from one study to another? / Why do some projects appear "incomplete"?

It is possible that if the research team has not completed the information in their Nagano platform, the field simply will not be displayed or the field will be displayed empty.

If corresponding information exists on the platform, it is also possible that the information will be displayed in English only.

Why do we list locations outside Quebec if it is a Quebec registry?

The registry draws information from Nagano (the integrated project management platform in Quebec healthcare institutions) as well as the website used worldwide. To limit your search to Quebec institutions, select "Quebec" in the search engine or use the geolocation function by indicating the search radius (in km).

Why are the recruitment contact details of an institution not provided?

Recruitment contact details are only displayed once the recruitment is open. If recruitment is not currently ongoing, no contact details will be available. Additionally, a research team may choose not to share their recruitment contact details in the registry, in which case they will never be displayed.

Who can I contact if I have questions or need information about clinical research?

Recherche clinique Québec offers a Support Service for patients, their families, and healthcare professionals seeking information about clinical research, its possibilities, and its limitations. We invite you to visit their website at or contact them by phone at 514-669-6800 or 1-866-669-6814 (toll-free).

Where can I find information about the vocabulary or terms used on the project page?

By clicking on the "?" icon at the top of any page, you will enter "help" mode. This mode allows you to access descriptions and/or definitions of each element on the page.

There are many terms (such as project statuses) that are specific to the research field and that I do not understand. What do they mean?

By clicking on the "?" icon at the top of any page, you will enter "help" mode. This mode allows you to access descriptions and/or definitions of each element on the page.

The same study seems to be present twice, why is that?

The registry uses 2 principale sources of datas, one of them being the Nagano platform used by the health establishments and the other one being the registry of

The same study can therefore exist twice in the registry of Recherche Santé Québec (one entry per source).

If the reference number for is identified in Nagano, the 2 of them will get merged together.

For Nagano users : The registration of the reference number (NCT) in your project from the F11H or the datas tab is therefore very important. If it isn't already registered, you can add it using the datas tab in your project at the question “Public registry”.


  • Avoid duplicates
  • Fusioning the contents from with the contents of Nagano
  • Ensures that the recruitment status gets updated in real time
  • Allows the registration of the contact's coordinates for your establishment