About us,

Semiweb is a company specialized in the development of web products tailored to the healthcare and academic sectors, specifically in project management and research protocols.

Its mission is to support healthcare and academic institutions and organizations engaged in scientific research by providing integrated management of all research protocol evaluation and authorization requests, maintaining an up-to-date registry of all research activities under their responsibility, and assisting researchers, healthcare professionals, professors, and graduate students in easily and quickly accessing data from their research projects.

Our platform, Nagano, enables, among other things, the facilitation and integration of all research authorization processes, streamlining project’s follow ups, facilitating decision-making, managing personnel skills and training records, ensuring financial oversight of projects, tracking recruitment, and managing animal facilities. As a result, Nagano significantly contributes to the advancement of medical and academic research.

The Semiweb team is passionate about innovation and technology, and is committed to providing personalized and efficient solutions to their clients. It is an experienced team composed of experts in computer science and healthcare, working together to deliver reliable, secure, and field-adapted web solutions.

We are proud to contribute to improving the health and well-being of the population by assisting all stakeholders involved in research in accessing data from research projects and protocols. We are determined to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of technology to provide increasingly high-performing solutions.